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Are you tired of high petrol prices?

Would you like to run your vehicle for a much lower running cost?

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By converting your vehicle to Autogas / LPG you can save up to 50% of your fuel bill and have a return on your investment of over 100%. You will also be helping environment because LPG is much cleaner fuel then petrol or diesel, so your vehicle's emission will drop by a considerable percentage.
Thes are not the only benefits of LPG, some others are: longer engine life, reduced road tax, added value to your vehicle, enhanced range, almost impossible to have fuel stolen.
At agw-Romano we take real pride in what we do. We are one of the oldest and most experienced Autogas LPG conversion, service, repair and kit distributer companies in UK, our senior engineer has over 40 years experience, so you can rest assured that we will cater for alll your needs in a friendly professional manner. With no exaggeration we claim to be the real experts, having been the first to convert many "difficult" vehicles. Together with honest advice and very competetive prices you need look no further for all your LPG requirements.

Top reason for having a agw-Romano Autogas LPG Conversion:
  • Top quality equipment approved for UK market
  • Choice of kits
  • UKLPG approved equipment sullier and installer
  • Fully trained by relevant system manufacturer
  • Largest suitable approved tank at no extra cost
  • 2 Years parts & labour warranty
  • Free courtesy car
  • Optional emergency tyre repair kit
  • Optional European filling adaptor set
  • Optional colour coded filler cap
  • Optional "Flash Lube" lubrication system
  • Free full tank of LPG
  • Great service - honesly and competitively priced


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